US-101/De La Cruz Blvd/Trimble Road Improvements, San Jose, Santa Clara County, CA

The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) and the City of San Jose (CSJ), in cooperation with the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) proposed improvements for the interchange of US Route 101 and De La Cruz Blvd/Trimble Road in San Jose, CA. The project widens De La Cruz Boulevard to three through lanes in each direction, replaces the existing De La Cruz Boulevard Overcrossing, and realigns the northbound and southbound on-ramps and off-ramps. Between Central Expressway and Seaboard Avenue, the project constructs a partially grade-separated Class I bicycle-pedestrian facility along the west side of Trimble Road with two pedestrian undercrossings (PUCs).

PARIKH provided a Phase I ISA Preliminary Geotechnical Report and a Preliminary Geotechnical Memorandum for the bridge type selection during the PA/ED phase. During the PS&E phase, PARIKH prepared four Foundation Reports (three bridge structures and retaining walls) and a GDMR for roadway widening, overhead sign structures, and ramp modifications. PARIKH developed geotechnical recommendations for all project elements, including axial and lateral capacity for the planned steel driven piles, slope stability and settlement evaluation for new embankments, retaining wall designs, overhead sign structure and non-standard signal poles, pavement sections, and corrosion evaluation. All work was completed in accordance with Caltrans standards.

Project Details


2018 – 2021


VTA/City of San Jose


HMH Engineers 


Gary Parikh
Frank Wang

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