Storm Damaged Road Repair Projects, Palo Colorado Road, Monterey County, CA

A grassy wildfire in Monterey County in Summer 2016 resulted in four locations along Palo Colorado Road to be identified as potentially unstable and possibly impacted by the upcoming rain season, due to relatively steep slopes below the roadway. Wood Rodgers, Inc. (designer) was engaged by Monterey County for emergency repair work. PARIKH prepared geotechnical investigation services for the emergency work at the four locations. Borings encountered shallow roadway fill over decomposed and weathered granite, susceptible to erosion. Repair consisted of soldier pile retaining walls with tiebacks in the steep terrain. Design conformed to AASHTO LRFD specifications and Caltrans standards.

Project Details


2016 – 2017


County of Monterey Resource Management


Wood Rodgers, Inc.


Gary Parikh
David Wang

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