Route 237 & I-880 Interchange, Santa Clara County, CA

The $60+ million project improved the Route 237 (SR-237)/I-880 interchange and the ramps between McCarthy Boulevard, I-880, and SR-237. The improvement included seven bridge structures (crossings over Coyote Creek and city roadways), a 1,800-foot long connector structure, retaining walls, and sound walls.

PARIKH was the geotechnical engineer-of-record (EOR) for the interchange project. Our engineers prepared the initial Phase I environmental site assessment for the SR-237 corridor per FHWA and Caltrans requirements, final foundation reports for each bridge structure, and a geotechnical design and materials report for the embankment, walls, and roadways. PARIKH also provided consultation during the construction phase to the client/City of Milpitas.


The site is at a busy freeway junction with a time limit of embankment construction and a settlement waiting period. PARIKH worked with the agency and verified the design using field data to reduce the required settlement waiting period yet not affecting the design.

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Santa Clara County Traffic Authority


Mark Thomas


Gary Parikh
David Wang

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