Regnart Creek Trail Bridges, Cupertino, CA

The Regnart Creek Trail is part of a planned pedestrian and bicycle trail network within the city of Cupertino, which will provide access to various destinations including the civic center, parks, schools, and residential neighborhoods. The network will include an existing maintenance road adjacent to Regnart Creek and construct two pedestrian bridges, a length about 42 feet, over the creek.

PARIKH provided geotechnical studies for the pedestrian bridges. Scope of work included field exploration, laboratory testing, engineering analyses, and a foundation report. Design recommendations were provided for the structure foundations, which will be 30-inch diameter cast-in-drilled-hole (CIDH) piles. These included seismic design criteria, pile capacities, and bank slope stability evaluations.

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2018 – Current 


City of Cupertino Department of Public Works




Gary Parikh
Frank Wang

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