METRO Crenshaw-LAX Transit Project, Los Angeles County, CA

The 8.5-mile, $2.1-billion light-rail line connects the existing Metro Green Line near LAX to the Metro Expo Line at the intersection of Exposition Boulevard and Crenshaw Boulevard. The alignment will connect to the Green Line south of Imperial Highway, and generally run parallel along Aviation Boulevard and Florence Avenue, and then along the center of Crenshaw Boulevard until it connects to the Crenshaw/Exposition Station.

The corridor includes at-grade, above grade, and below-grade rail, eight new stations, and eight grade separations that consist of five above-grade aerial guideway structures and three below-grade guideway structures. The aerial guideways and bridges are supported by deep foundations with transitional structures consisting of approach fill supported by mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) retaining walls. Ballast walls will extend along the at-grade track alignment.

The project required extensive coordination and permitting through various cities and public/private entities including the City of Los Angeles, FAA, LAWA, and Caltrans.  PARIKH provided geotechnical recommendations for the following:

  • Seismic evaluation of at-grade and above-grade structures,
  • Five at-grade stations,
  • Above-grade aerial guideway structures and associated MSE retaining walls,
  • Ballast walls,
  • Eight at-grade traction power substations,
  • Pavement sections for three park-and-ride lots and street improvements at approximately 34 locations where the alignment crosses or extends along city streets,
  • A pedestrian underpass near Faithful Central Bible Church,
  • Evaluation of potential impact from the planned MSE walls on existing Central,
  • Protection of Outfall Sewer,
  • Overhead catenary system along the alignment, and
  • Foundation corrosion design recommendations along the corridor.

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