Lower Silver Creek Reaches 4-6B, Santa Clara County, CA

Santa Clara Valley Water District (SCVWD) implemented flood protection improvements on all segments of Lower Silver Creek from Coyote Creek confluence to Lake Cunningham. PARIKH provided geotechnical services for Reach 4 (near Interstate-680/Jackson Avenue) to Reach 6B Cunningham Avenue.

PARIKH provided recommendations and construction observations for the following:

  • Maintenance roads,
  • Sediment transport channel,
  • Maintenance ramp supported on semi-gravity retaining walls which transit to U-channel frame,
  • Concrete floodwall supported on grade beams and Cast-In-Drilled Holes (CIDH) concrete piles,
  • Soldier pile walls, and
  • Box culvert replacement under Jackson Avenue, Capitol Expressway, and Story Road


  • The retaining walls are immediately behind private properties at some locations. PARIKH worked closely with the team to design the retaining walls due to SCVWD’s concern regarding the level of safety and insurance (such as minimum deflection).
  • PARIKH worked with SCVWD and the contractors and oversaw the mitigation of the anomalies of the CIDH piles.

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Santa Clara Valley Water District


Santa Clara Valley Water District


Gary Parikh
Alston Lam

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