I-80 Eastbound Cordelia Truck Scales Relocation, Solano County, CA

The project moved the eastbound Cordelia truck scales on I-80 to a new facility between Suisun Creek and Raines Drain Channel. Elements included a new truck scale facility with inspection and generator buildings, I-80 widening, new off and on-bound ramps, retaining walls, overhead sign structures, utility relocation, and a new bridge over Suisun Creek. Foundation elements included driven concrete piles for bridges and retaining structures and drilled posts for the sign structures.

PARIKH provided geotechnical studies during the preliminary and design phases. Scope of work included field investigations with Cone Penetrometer Tests (CPTs), borings, lab tests, engineering analyses, and multiple geotechnical design and foundation reports. Design issues included liquefiable soils in the subsurface and saturated soft soils in the subgrade. Recommendations were provided for bridge and structure foundations, retaining walls, liquefaction mitigation, geotextile subgrade reinforcement, and structural pavement sections. The project was awarded the 2014 CTF Safety Project of the Year.

Project Details


2008 – 2016


Solano County Transportation Authority


HDR Engineering, Inc.


Gary Parikh
Frank Wang

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