Balfour Road Route 4 Bypass Interchange, Contra Costa County, CA

PARIKH provided geotechnical reports for the Route 4 Bypass Segment 2 phase of the project, including additional structures at the Route 4 Bypass and Balfour Avenue in Brentwood. Structures included Deer Creek crossings, Balfour connections, and widening of existing bridges along the Route 4 Bypass.  The project includes two undercrossing structures with loops to cross over Balfour Road and connect Route 4 Bypass with ramps in all quadrants and structures at Deer Creek. The project also widens the Route 4 Bypass from two to four lanes, between Sand Creek Road and Balfour Road. PARIKH conducted field investigations, engineering analyses, and developed design recommendations for multiple project elements, including foundation recommendations for bridges, retaining walls, and pavement design. Pavement overlay recommendations were provided for roadway widening; restoring and integrating the existing pavement sections.

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2012 – Current


Contra Costa Transportation Authority


Quincy Engineering


Gary Parikh
David Wang

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