ACTC Corridor Mobility (I-80 Smart Corridor)

The I-80 SMART Corridor Project (I-80 Integrated Corridor Mobility), represents a comprehensive Intelligent Transportation System  implementing a network of integrated electronic signs, ramp meters and other state-of-the-art elements between the Carquinez and Bay Bridges.  It enhances motorist safety, improves travel time and reliability, and reduce accidents and associated congestion. Over  270,000 vehicles travel through the I-80 corridor daily making it one of the busiest systems in the Bay Area.

Real-time traffic information, such as variable speed signs and blocked lane signs, allow drivers to make informed decisions in the event of an incident. Ramp meters and real-time message signs along the corridor optimize roadway operations and improve safety, integrating with the Traffic Management Center at the Caltrans Bay Area headquarters in Oakland. Additional improvements include adaptive ramp metering on 44 on-ramps to reduce merging conflicts and manage traffic volumes on I-80.

PARIKH provided preliminary design reports for the roadway and sign structures and Phase I ISA. During the PS&E phase, PARIKH provided design services for the single pole and gantry sign structures and roadway improvements including pavement design for Ashby Avenue IC and University Avenue IC modifications. The project included 13 Active Traffic Management Gantry Structures, automatic (Fast Track) toll collection systems and 6 Information Display Board Structures. Many sign supports had to be special design since the median width was extremely limited requiring smaller diameter system with greater depths. L-Pile analyses and seismic analyses was covered using latest Caltrans design standards and constructability guidelines.

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2008 – 2014






Gary Parikh
David Wang

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