27 West Tower, San Jose, Santa Clara County, CA

27 West Tower is a proposed 22-story structure extending approximately 239 feet above street level, located near the San Jose Phase II BART Extension. The high-rise is planned for residential development and would replace a current commercial building at the site.

PARIKH provided geotechnical engineering services during the design phase. Services included a review of existing geological and soil data and performing field explorations to confirm design assumptions. Laboratory testing included moisture density, gradation analysis, Atterberg limits, and corrosion. Soil analysis was performed to provide design recommendations for the building, including foundation design, construction excavation, and shoring. Seismic design will follow CBC guidelines.

The proposed building includes a three-story basement extending to 44 feet below grade, with the entire structure supported on a mat foundation. PARIKH provided recommendations for deep soil cement mixing (DSM) walls, which would be used for excavation shoring and groundwater control purposes; as well as recommendations for mat foundation bearing capacity and basement wall lateral earth pressures.

PARIKH provided a draft Geotechnical Report with a Soil Boring Log, and a final Geotechnical Report for Phase I of the project. The project is currently progressing into design phases.

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