Mr. Alston Lam is a Geotechnical and Civil Engineer with over twenty-seven years of related experience. He has been with the firm since 2000. Mr. Lam has extensive experience with flood protection, municipal, transportation, landslide preventive, and infrastructure projects. Mr. Lam has worked on over 100 transportation and public works related projects including Caltrans, City, County, and water-resource flood protection projects.  Some of his projects include the I-580/Isabel Avenue Interchange project, MSN C-2 project and MSN A-3 project that has new highway interchange, highway widening and major structures. He completed the I-5 North Stockton Corridor in Stockton which included widening of eleven bridge structures/box culverts, roadway widening, soundwalls, and retaining walls. He has worked on many creek trail improvement projects such as the San Tomas Aquino Creek Trail project (Reaches 1-3) that included levee stability analyses and creek structures meeting the SCVWD requirements. In addition, he has completed the Lower Silver Creek (Reaches 1 through 6A) flood control projects from design through construction that required variety of retaining walls, flood walls and bridges.  He is currently working on the Sunnyvale East and West Channel Flood Protection Project which are part of the flood protection program requiring flood walls and modification of the existing levees.

Mr. Lam holds a Masters Degree in Geotechnical Engineering from Stanford University. He is a registered Civil Engineer and Geotechnical Engineer in the State of California